A world of opportunity and plenty of fish in the sea. (Too much of anything is a bad thing)

It’s the funniest thing really…this generation. Maybe I’m just old school or someone who reads too many poems, getting lost in the words of writers like Hemingway, Poe and Shakespeare. I feel as though in this day and age there is SO much opportunity, acceptance and things we can achieve from this life that our elders couldn’t. We’re the selfish, self-absorbed, inspired and unsatisfied generation. We want what we want, when we want it. We take endless selfies and we spend hours trying to build a connection with someone through a screen on our iPhones. We are also extremely powerful and we accept each human for who they are. And we’re inspired like a light that constantly ignites in our brain. Of course, I’m generally speaking for the most of us ( not the entire generation is this way, I know.) Anyway, I think it’s the craziest thing that we can really do anything. I think our opportunities are so much greater than our past generations that it’s actually hurting us. We have too many options that we find ourselves lost, confused and wondering what the hell we want to do for the rest of our lives. School and their demands on what majors we need to pick that we don’t even wind up working fields in doesn’t help. So many people are this major and that major and doing nothing with it. Some even go back to school. Back then it was pretty much you can be this or that, judging by your ability or schooling and you were satisfied just having a job. Not to say that was okay and that we shouldn’t strive for what we want, but it was just what it was. And not to say easier too, because our standards were realistic and limited. It seemed that people were more content and their standards/wants out of life were pretty simple. A significant other, a family and a roof over their head with a job that gave them that. And if there was some left over, that was a bonus. Here and now, we want too much, need too much and set high standards. It’s impressive, but it’s also a bit ridiculous. Most of the things we think we need, we really only want. We live in a world that is thriving to impress people by our lives through social media and we care about what others think. I’m not saying I’m not guilty of this, mostly everyone is. We’re also obsessed with ourselves and constantly trying to “measure up.” But what the fuck are we measuring up to? So you graduated from an honorable school and make X amount of dollars. Personally, I am actually behind in college and I’ve never felt more in touch with myself and feeling like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’m learning, though I fall short…not to care where anyone else is in life or what their doing or what they have and the more I do, the more I grow. I am feeeeeling myself lately for what I’ve accomplished for ME and only me. And I am in the best relationship of my life. I love myself so hard.

Speaking of love, THERE ARE TOO MANY FISH IN THE SEA. Seriously, it is insane. Being single is no joke, it’s like a maze to me. I actually am unsure of how to be single most days. This generation completely lost touch with the significance of anything regarding love, I’m convinced. I mean, it is soooo easy nowadays for people to just have a casual fling or a relationship that they don’t even know why their in because there are no morals, no values. Just go on tinder, or whatever other dating website there is and choose a human! After that go on a date or two until you get what you want from them and bam! There goes your interest, on to the next. My goodness, I am so lost in this. It’s like this generation does not know how to connect and converse anymore. We get to the basics and then we lose interest after a couple dates..scratch that I don’t even think dates apply to this world anymore. There’s so many options that we don’t take the time to even test out that spark we had with someone because there’s always someone else waiting on the back burner. We don’t try to make things work or really appreciate a good thing until it’s gone. And even when we have everything we want, we still question whether there’s something else or better is out there. We always want more. We want our cake and we want to eat it too. But in my eyes, there’s too much cake and we’re on the brink of being diabetics.

It is shameful to someone such as myself who reads of love and values things such as relationships, conversations, jobs and hard work. If I cannot have a good conversation with you, I cannot be with you. I value small talk that turns into great conversations. And good work that turns into A+. And hard earned, stressful college nights that land you your dream job. But with all of these opportunities, it’s easy to lose your way…or the people you love. We are so scared of settling that we settle for everything and anything. Settle for a job that makes us miserable or a relationship that isn’t working. We settle for one night stands when we want romance. We settle for mediocre when we want magic. I’m starting to value life for the things we forgot to. We keep forgetting. Know why? Because all of this useless shit we worry about and want nowadays, well they won’t be leaving with us when we go. And I believe if you have some good people to love and love you back and your health…well then you’ve got it all anyway.


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