International Day of Happiness

Today is apparently a day to celebrate what happiness is or what makes you happy. I woke up and after learning today was this day- I actually thought about it. I have a lot to be happy about. However, the past couple weeks I’ve been pretty down and out. I’ve been unlike myself, detached and wanting to be alone. Something in my personal life has happened and made my whole world feel like it’s falling apart. They say God laughs when you make plans, well he must’ve been laughing pretty intensely at my situation. I thought I had my life, or some things in my life planned out or settled to some degree. Now, all those plans, goals and dreams went right out the window. As quick as they came, they left. I feel as though the ground was ripped out from under me really. And my life, for some odd reason always works like this. It’s like this pan out of a series of bad things that could possibly happen to me. It’s like the second my life gets too happy or too comfortable and stable – it gets rearranged into chaos and pain to bring me down from my perfect cloud 9. After feeling crappy these past weeks, I thought okay…this will eventually pass until I was bombarded in school with a text that literally crushed my heart. I recently found out news about something in my family that is truly devastating. And bam, I’m back in my bed, in the dark wondering why and how my life turned around for the worst. “Why me? Fuck this! Fuck everyone.” I cram my head into my pillow and curse and cry and feel fucking jipped. And then I gain my sense and I am so cried out and exhausted I fall into a deep sleep.

It was when I woke the next day, I realized my behavior was erratic and though appropriate, I felt bad. I woke up and saw the sunlight in my face and took a deep breath of air. I smiled and then apologized to God for being so irrational and thanked him for another day. I started feeling really thankful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much upset about everything that’s going on but I woke up feeling grateful for things we take advantage of everyday. I was thankful waking up being able to see the sunlight. I was thankful for my senses and my health. I was also thankful for the ability to endorse so much pain and still get up and go about my day. The point of this all is really simple. It’s being happy. That starts with you everyday…your choice. That’s right. I make the decision regardless of what is going on in my life and around me to be happy everyday. Happiness is certainly found in other people, situations and things however, it can only be recognized if you find it in yourself first. You can’t possibly be happy or love someone else if your not happy and love yourself first. I make a promise to myself to find something to laugh about at least once a day. Why you ask? Because technically laughing is one of the healthiest and best medicines- and it feels good. See, I choose to find something to laugh about to make my day easier. That’s because laughter releases endorphins which are known as the “feel-good/pain-relieving” chemicals in our brain. So in that moment of laughter, not only are you in a feel good state and relieving yourself of pain but your stress is decreasing at a dramatic pace. It allows you to let go of all the things that are building up to cause pain and stress. That point when your through, you feel a sense that you actually just breathed, really breathed for a minute. You might think it’s just because you were laughing that you couldn’t catch your breath, but it’s in fact a moment of serene peace and clarity as well. So, laugh a lot. Cherish moments you have with all of your loved ones. Wake up and choose to be happy. Tell everyone you love that you love them, RIGHT NOW because who knows what time can do or what can happen. Love, and love again. Be hurt and feel things. Have a good day all on your own without the help of someone or something else. Live for you and let the rest follow. I have something to smile about everyday, and that’s life. I have goals, dreams, a supportive family and amazing friends. I have memories and sight. I have a roof over my head and food to eat. I have feelings and I have health. I have so many things to be happy about. We all have something. So today, being that it is International Happiness Day (& also National Proposal Day for those happily engaged or married-congrats) I ask something from all of you- find something to laugh about. And while you go about your day and get caught up in whatever may come, stop and think- what do you have to be happy about?

(Comment below and tell me what you have to be happy about today!)


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