My Beautiful Disaster.

He was like a hurricane, trembling, taking down
everything inside me and shutting me down.
At first, I didn’t notice the breeze of his presence effect my moods.
Or how I needed to bundle up my heart to prepare for his stormy weather.
I didn’t see the effect he had on my surroundings.
He was a light breeze on a hot summer day, I thought.
He was my dream come to life and he was mine.
Until one day it rained.
He was a downfall of emotions, whether they were good or bad I felt the force of them.
And then he wraps me up in an overwhelming wrap of
love and lust and passion and regret and anger and happiness and sadness
that my head was spinning so fast I thought I couldn’t possibly make it out alive.
I was stuck in him, in his tornado of chaotic love.
It was everything. It was a disaster. But it was beautiful. Oh God, it was beautiful.
Until the storm had calmed and he drifted away with not even a goodbye,
just a reminder that he was there by the damage he had done.
And that’s when I knew I was changed forever.
I was in love with him.
But there was nothing left of me ;
nothing worth keeping that he hadn’t took with him before the storm.


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