You speak to me in my dreams,
you tell me, “You, my girl…are everything.”
My heart feels as if it drove right into my chest,
hitting like a head on crash. Panic attack.

Your lips curl up into that familiar smirk that
reminds me of the way you shape yourself to fit me
into a perfect knot. My soul shines onto the outside,
revealing an even more nakedness…I am yours.

You belong to me,” he whispers.
I can’t help but believe him.
My hands were his to hold,
my lips were his to collide with.
He owned my eyes- only ever
searching for him. My sense to smell
only living in his scent I drowned in.

My soul was connected to his-
our minds thought the same weird shit.
Our words were our very own language.
And my heart, well, without asking…

he kept it.


One thought on “Yours.

  1. I LOVED reading what you wrote. It came from the heart. Deep inside we all feel like that one time or another. It really was beautiful. Thk you for sharing

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