The Concrete Dream.

Recently, I went to the city on a whim with my friend, Suz.  It was one random Wednesday and we decided that for two Brooklyn girls living so close to the city everyone dreams of, we should enjoy it for the day.  So off we go on the subway into the one place I know to go whenever I want to feel more than alive.  New York City is everything they make it out to be.  It’s loud, bright and filled with the chaos of so many thoughts and dreams.  People, all different people with all different destinations.  As we walked around the prestigious and beautiful area known as “Soho,” I couldn’t help but giggle to myself about the way this city makes me feel.  It is unlike anything else really. After seeing the city countless times and being so close to it my whole life, I still get butterflies.  If I shall die before I wake, I pray my heaven looks something close to Prince Street and 5th Avenue.  No, really. As we continued to find a spot to have a drunken brunch, I stopped to feel the world around me.  I heard a thump- the heartbeat of my city all around me, pulsing so loud I had to check my own.  But I knew that it couldn’t just be one tiny human, it was way more than that.  The city made all of us come alive.  For some it may be inspiration, some it may be by hauling a cab or getting a sale on name brand shoes. No matter what it was, the city as chaotic and beautiful as it is- it drums to a different beat.  And after a long, magical day of shopping, I grabbed all of my bags tightly around my little fingers and thanked the universe for New York City’s ability to make me feel something I could never feel anywhere else in the world.





Brunch at Delicatessen Restaurant.



IMG_6155 IMG_6156 IMG_6161


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